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Welcome to the Manuscript Desk!

The Manuscript Desk is an online environment in which manuscript pages can be uploaded, manuscript pages can be transcribed, and collations of transcriptions can be performed. The Manuscript Desk builds on, and extends different software components used in the Digital Humanities. The project is open-source, licenced under the GNU License. Full installation instructions, and additional information on the technical structure of the software can be found on GitHub. Do you have suggestions or questions, or have you found a bug? You can always reach us at uamanuscriptdesk 'at' gmail 'dot' com.

New to this website?

Take a look at the overview of the features in the Manuscript Desk.


The Manuscript Desk is primarily being developed at the University of Antwerp, but in close collaboration and with technical support from Ghent University. The project is part of DARIAH-Belgium.

The software components used in the Manuscript Desk include:

  • Mediawiki software. MediaWiki software powers Wikipedia, and many other wikis on the web.
  • Software created for the Transcribe Bentham project. The Transcribe Bentham project has created several open-source extensions for MediaWiki, which are used, and extended in the Manuscript Desk.
  • Collatex is used to collate different versions of texts.
  • Preloaders.net was used for the loader image.
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