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This page has not been transcribed yet.
<p>it was free: Hary's foot found <del type="instantcorrection">the</del> the crook<lb/> of its <del>back</del> <add place="supralinear">hind</add> leg and he <del type="instantcorrection"><unclear>scrambled</unclear></del> <add place="inline">clambered</add><lb/> up onto its back: its <add place="supralinear">scales</add> felt hard and rough as<lb/> steel: <del type="instantcorrection">he</del> <add place="inline">it</add> did  not seem even to feel him.<lb/> H<del type="overwritten">e</del><add place="supralinear">olding on as tight as he could <unclear>xxx</unclear></add> stretched out an arm, Hermione grabbed it and he pulled her up onto the back, too;<lb/> Ron <del>xxx</del> <add place="supralinear">climbed up</add> behind them but Griphook was nowhere to be seen: he <del>had</del> <add place="supralinear">seemed</add> to <del>be somewhere<lb/> amongst</del> <add place="supralinear">have vanished into</add> the <add place="supralinear">crowd of</add> goblins <add place="supralinear">but</add> <del>but before Hary could</del><lb/> <del>but there was no chance to</del> <add place="supralinear">before they could</add> locate him:<lb/> the dragon <del>had</del> realised it was free.</p>
<p>With a roar it reared: Hary dug <del>his<lb/> entire hands</del> <add place="supralinear">in</add> knees, clutched with all his<lb/> strength at the <unclear>xxx</unclear> scales, and<lb/> then the wings opened, <del>knocking</del> <add place="supralinear">knocking</add> goblins<lb/> <del>aside, and the beast</del> aside as though they<lb/> were ninepins, and its nose into the air<del type="overwritten">.</del><add place="overwritten">,</add><lb/> soaring <del>they glanced back</del> towards the<lb/> passage opening, <del><unclear>x</unclear></del> and the goblins below could do<lb/> nothing but throw daggers, which glanced off its <lb/>flanks.</p>
<p>'We'll never get out, it's too big, much<lb/> too big!' Hermione screamed, but the<lb/> dragon opened its mouth again and a<lb/> burst of flame such as they had never seen<lb/> <del type="instantcorrection">exploded</del> <add place="inline">blasted</add> the tunnel<del>:</del><add place="inline">,</add> whose<lb/> floors and ceiling <del><unclear>xxx</unclear></del> cracked and<lb/> <del><unclear>the dragon.</unclear></del><lb/> crumbled: and by sheer force the dragon<lb/> clawed and fought its way forwards:<lb/> <del>how it knew</del> Hary's eyes were tight shut<lb/> against the heat and <del>falling rock</del> dust:<lb/> deafened by the crashing of rock and<lb/> the dragon's <del><unclear>xxx</unclear></del> <add place="supralinear">roars</add> he <del type="instantcorrection"><unclear>had</unclear></del> <add place="inline">could</add> only<lb/> cling to its back and pray: and then</p>
<p><add place="marginleft">still the dragon was belching flame, when the goblins <del>scattered: <unclear>xxx</unclear></del> began clanking again, <unclear>maddening</unclear> its <unclear>xxx</unclear> it <unclear>comes</unclear> into the wall.</add></p>

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